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Minor in Leisure Studies

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Students enrolled in the Leisure Studies Minor will examine leisure as a social and cultural phenomenon, investigate leisure behaviour, study the delivery and management of leisure services, consider the health and other benefits of leisure and learn about the environmental impacts of leisure.


Leisure Studies professors, in addition to teaching Leisure Studies courses, conduct research on a wide variety of  recreation and leisure topics. These professors are available to supervise 4th year research projects, masters theses, and PhD theses.

Careers in Recreation and Leisure:

The following are the types of positions found in the Recreation and Leisure Services field. Please note that a Minor in Leisure Studies only introduces you to this field and a degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies may be required for these positions. Selection of a relevant first program (e.g., Social Sciences, Environmental Studies) and related elective courses that complement a Minor in Leisure Studies is recommended.

  • Leisure educator/ counselor, 
  • Municipal recreation director, 
  • camp director
  • resort manager
  • community developer
  • community recreation programmer
  • park manager 
  • special events organizer/manager
  • recreation facility manager
  • outdoor recreation leader
  • tourism manager\planner
  • youth leader
  • community centre director
  • outdoor educator
  • theme park manager.

Students can continue with graduate studies in the following areas and subsequent work as consultant, researcher or professor:

  • Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • Social Sciences
  • Environmental Studies
  • Management


  • I am looking for MA and PhD students interested in Aboriginal community health, physical activity, Northern studies, feminist studies.  I am particularly interested in finding students who are interested in drowning prevention. 
  • Contact professor Audrey Giles: agiles@uOttawa.ca
  • I am looking for MA students interested in any areas within management of events, sport and leisure; practices of health and the use of the environment in the Amazon forest in Peru. 
  • Contact professor Alexandra Arellano: aarellan@uOttawa.ca
  • I am looking for MA students interested in research topics related to gender, sport, leisure and/or physical activity. I am currently conducting research on health risk construction related to sport, leisure, PA; as well as research on the history of sport and leisure for women and working-class communities.
  • Contact professor Eileen O’Connor: eoconnor@uOttawa.ca
  • Opportunity for future MA students to conduct research in Peru! (Heritage tourism management and local participation in Chinchero, Peru) Funding will be available for students wishing to undertake a Master of Arts (MA) program in Human Kinetics, starting in autumn 2008 or 2009. A minimum funding of 5000$ is proposed to contribute to this research project which will include fieldwork in Peru. This amount could increase, subject to grant application approval. The candidates would preferably be fluent in Spanish, but those wanting to develop their skills in Spanish will also be considered: the principal criterion for this opportunity is a strong academic record coupled with excellent writing skills in English or French. Students currently in programs in Human Kinetics, Leisure Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, Geography, Management, International Development and Globalization or any other relevant discipline are recommended to apply. 
  • For more information contact professor Alexandra Arellano: aarellan@uOttawa.ca

Research/Teaching awards

  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada: “Swimming against the mainstream: The NWT Aquatics Program, 1967-2007” by Audrey Giles.
  • Faculty of Health Sciences, Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2007, Eileen O’Connor.
  • Literary Award, Christian Society for Kinesiology and Leisure Studies. 2007. Paul Heintzman Society of Park and Recreation Educators’ (SPRE) Innovation in Teaching Award. 2003. Paul Heintzman
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