Funded Research Projects – Ongoing

2016-2017Numer, M., Holmes, D., & al.
Grinding Against Public Health
(CIHR - 33,000$)
2015-2018Holmes, D., Jacob, JD, & Bernheim, E.
Understanding the Use of Chemical Restraints in Mental Health Care: A Phenomenology (CIHR – 100,000$)
2015-2016Holmes, D. & Fedoroff, P.
Understanding Consensual BDSM Practices and Risk Taking Behaviors
(UMRF – 55,000$)
2014-2017Chandler, J, Kilty, J, Fedoroff, P, Holmes, D, Reiner, P
Bio-criminal Justice – What Forms of Biological Behaviour Modification Methods May a Criminal Offender be Legally Coerced to Accept
(SSHRC – 258,436$)
2013-2015Holmes, D & Jacob, JD 
Expanding of Understanding of Mechanical Restraints in Psychiatry: A Phenomenological Approach
(CIHR – 65,000$)
2013-2015Gagnon, M & Holmes, D
Therapeutic Assemblages: Redefining the Experience of Side Effects in the Context of HIV Treatment
(CIHR – 60,507$)
2011-2013Holmes, D & Murray, SJ 
Seclusion in Psychiatry – The Lived Experience of Captives Bodies
(CIHR – 74,000$)
2011-2012Perron, A & coll. (Jacob, JD)
Violence Management in a Psychiatric Setting
(St-Mary’s Hospital/McGill University – 20,000$)
2011-2012Perron, A & Holmes, D
Police Officers’ Perceptions of Mentally Ill Individuals
(University of Ottawa – 9,985$)
2010-2011O’Byrne, P & Holmes, D
Internet Sex amongst HIV+ Gay Men 
(CIHR – 42,142$)
2010-2011Rahaman, Z & Holmes, D
Postcolonial Understanding of Nurses’ Responsibilities and Challenges Regarding Aboriginal Health
(PHIRNET/CIHR – 22,313$ and CIET – 21,000$)
2009-2015Coyte, P & coll. (Holmes, D)
CIHR Strategic Research Training Program – Health Care, Technology and Place 2
(CIHR – 1,950,000$)
2009-2012Murray, SJ & Holmes, D
Ethics and Mental Health Care: An Analysis of Professional Practices in Correctional Institutions
(SSHRC – 92,300$)
2009-2010O’Byrne, P & Holmes, D
Internet Sex amongst HIV+ Gay Men – Pilot 
(CIHR – 26,295$)
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